Why make a Will?

If you die without a Will, you will be considered to have died ‘intestate’. Your estate will be shared out in a standard way according to the Laws of Intestacy, instead of your wishes.

Many people wrongly assume that their husband, wife or civil partner automatically inherits everything they own. Without a Will, this is not true. Many unmarried couples also assume that they have the same legal rights to inherit as married couples. Without a Will, this is also not true. It is therefore important to make your Will or Mirror Wills to ensure that your assets are legally passed according to your wishes.

Key benefits of making your Will:

  • You will have peace of mind that you have selected someone you personally trust to act as Executor to carry out your wishes
  • Your money, estate and possessions are passed to the people you wish
  • You can specify your preferred funeral arrangements and instructions for burial or cremation
  • You can appoint chosen guardian(s) to take parental responsibility of children or dependents under the age of 18
  • You can make special provisions for children or dependent adults
  • A Will can reduce the Inheritance Tax liabilities of your estate through various Trusts
  • You can leave money to friends, charities or other beneficiaries

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